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Gratitude Project, Part II

Ten days. I'm behind. Not really caring, either.

I actually kept the journal while I was in Chicago, but it out of my reach right now so I'll have to wing it. *looks at clock* Ok, 11 days now.
Grateful for:
1. The amazingly kind people who watched after my nephew as he grew up.
2. Mark, who made the airbrushed t-shirts all the friends wore to the funeral with my nephew's nickname and a song lyric on it.
3. Mark again, who when I asked who he was and hugged assured me Jonathan was like a brother to him.
4. Mark (not cheating), who when I asked him if he and his friends would post in the guest book online their memories of Jonathan because I would love to read them not only said yes, but told me all the friends were signing a t-shirt to put in the casket and asked if I would rather have it instead.
5. My kids, for making the trip and rising to the occasion. When I had to take the delivery of Jonathan's suit to be buried in (because someone didn't get it to the funeral home the day before as they were supposed to do) my daughter and older son got their asses up damn early to have the suit at the funeral home by 8 a.m.
6. My older niece who fiercely protected her mom ready to kick the ass of the most rude bitch I've ever had the misfortune to meet at a funeral.
7. Jonathan - for making the above mentioned suit his "favourite" and was so concerned of it getting ruined or lost asked an older friend Rhonda to hold it at her house for him. The suit was one my husband bought for him when he and his mom came to town for my dad's his grandfather's funeral. Poor kid only had jeans and t-shirts to wear. He wore the suit to my daughter's wedding, too, an many job interviews and finally, he wore it as his final outfit. We were quite touched by it being his favourite. I hugged it tight before it went to clothe him once last time.
8. Rhonda - who was so distraught about missing the funeral because she's on house arrest (2 dui's) and who got the call 2 days late that they'd take off the bracelet for the funeral - who had the funeral luncheon at her house, who was scared we wouldn't come because of the whack job at the funeral, who had lots and lots of beer, who (happily) saw that the rest of the Pittsburgh connection was not like my sister, who let's face it, is different from the rest of us.
9. My mom, for tolerating the pain in her hips and knee and walked more than she should have without complaint, though she could have whined and no-one would have blamed her.
10. To the funeral director, who knocked the last $900 off of the service.
11. To my husband, for standing beside me, crying with me, holding me during visitation when I couldn't stop the tears, and for all the other support stuff he did prior to taking off for a week.

12. Bonus - My niece Abigail, who came for a week, drove back wih us, has an appetite of a football team, and who lights up the house with "girl" aura with her sweet voice.
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