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My heart splinters today for mi sobrina dulce and her gentle husband. My dear sweet Jessica miscarried today at 17 weeks. Five hundred miles is a long way to send comfort yet I attempted to do so through the phone. When only arms wrapped 'round you will do I was left with hollow sounding words trembling from my lips as the ache reverberated in my soul knowing what I was feeling was a mere drop of her pain. Never one to fall onto the "it could be worse" and "time heals" swords I was left with repeating my love and my anguish at the wretched event dropped into her life.

Regular prenatal check-up, meant to be a day of joy, becomes the nightmare of no heartbeat, and being swept upstairs to labor & delivery to be induced. She is there now.

The candle is lit, the words whispered into her ear and to the Gods, the message sent to family, and I sit here helpless typing words on a page in a bloody blog because 500 miles is a long way to send comfort....and I feel I should do something. So I mark this time with words and tears as I hold my sweet niece in light and love and Blessings and await news that the first part of her ordeal is over and she is safely home.

Then. Then I will breathe again.

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