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Signalboost: reduce rape accusations

(I must admit. I am having difficulty with the idea that some will read this and the linked post and not see the tongue-in-cheek aspect of it. Perhaps I am just overdosed on the TSA crap and sexual abuse stuff in this dark part of the year. Everywhere I turn - everyfuckingwhere - there it is. Is it Imbolc yet?)

cluegirl has written a useful post about how to reduce your risk of being accused of rape:

Keep yourself safe! Do not engage in behavior that can lead to rape accusations!

Anyone can be accused of rape, but statistics indicate that those in the most danger are those who actually do commit rape, and rapelike acts of sexual bullying, coercion, and disregard of their partner's sexual decisions.

Don't be one of those guys!

  • To avoid rape accusation, obtain clear, enthusiastic consent from your partner, or else leave them alone. Going home alone really is better than being accused of rape.
  • To avoid rape accusation, remember that unconscious, drunk, high, and underage people cannot legally consent to ANY sex, so don't try and get it from them!
  • To avoid rape accusation, don't try to get sex when you are angry, or when your partner is frightened of you.
  • To avoid rape accusation, try never to act like a rapist, or to commit rape. Ask yourself "What Would A Rapist Do?" and then don't do those things.
  • To avoid rape accusation, remember that "no" doesn't mean anything but no, and only a freely given "yes" means yes! When unsure which is which, it is always safest to go with "no".
From Elf

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