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Lifted from [personal profile] elf 

At the same time, I am on to the fact that conversation about civil liberties and police states is just now starting to go viral, when we have held people in Guantanamo for 8 years now without pressing charges against them, when 1 in 4 women is the victim of an attempted sexual assault in her lifetime and that's without counting "enhanced pat-downs," when suddenly it's the single black mother feeling up the educated white guy instead of the other way around. Suddenly images of violated (young, attractive) women are being used, and commenters on blogs are saying "dude, what if that was your wife or your daughter?" as if starting this week, physical assaults on women and girls was a Very Serious Issue, never mind the fact that it took an upset white guy to finally get the media's attention. Never mind the fact that some upset white guys are practically advocating physical and sexual assault on the TSA screeners, both male and female.


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