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So, I was going to make a Veteran's Day post

I had good bits of it written in my head. Then I read (who else?) Elf's VD post and figured why mostly duplicate it? So here her's is:

Title: Military Secrets

I'm noticing less Veteran's Day posts than I remember from past years. I don't know if this is because my reading lists have changed focus, or there actually are less posts... possibly because, sigh, just two months ago on the 11th we had an unofficial "Everybody Say Something Patriotic About The US" day. I really, really don't want 9/11 to replace Veteran's Day as "a day to contemplate US military & its history."

Last year, I posted about honoring short-time, non-traumatic military service. This year, my thoughts are more focused on secrets in the military.

Top of the list is soldiers who are gay or bi, and have to go to extraordinary lengths to be allowed to serve at all. Who have to hide basic, simple facts about their personal lives, ostracize themselves or create a web of lies, for the privilege of short pay, long hours, near-slavery conditions, and the right to be shot at. Since I don't understand why anyone would volunteer for the power-mad hierarchy that is the military, I really don't understand why people would do so if they're officially not allowed to be there, and are risking both personal attack and career destruction if the wrong person finds out who they really are.

That's dedication. I can respect that, even if I can't grok what causes it.
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