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Geez ... it's been more than a MONTH since I updated

I see the last entry was about the damned headache. It is gone, BTW. :P~

The increased issues with neck pain and some additional symptoms actually drove me to seek out medical treatment. Since over 4 years ago the neurosurgeon warned me against physical therapy because sometimes "that makes it worse" and "worse" meant surgery I tried to OTC medicate and baby my neck because quite frankly neck surgery terrifies me on a great many levels.

The pain and associated symptoms had become so bad that I decided even succumbing to surgery might be better, so off I went. Which led to a referral to a pain management guy which led to a PT referral. Which, lo and behold and thank the Gods is making a difference in residual pain after certain activities and definitely having an impact on quality of life. A bit over a month ago I was kept from ritual and drum circles (couldn't even manage to carry my drums and beat on the poor things without pain) and now I've made 2 rituals in a row, one week apart. Stretching and slow and mild work to strengthen some important muscles (muscles which were certain that they had retired in bliss) is starting to make a difference. Yay! Manual traction has made the most difference of all of it. Pity that my insurance benefit for PT will be running out soon. ~sigh~ But my hope is that I will be far enough along when it does to maintain a level of comfort I've not had in years.

Ideally I will be able to drum without "paying" for it for days and sit on the floor at ritual without the same residual effects. Added bonus would be straightening out some of the scoliosis that has become markedly worse through the passing years for added comfort. Less daily pain from the herniating cervical discs and other arthritis would be a blessed bonus.

Continued work with and for my Gods out in the community in our open group and more significant work in my other arenas balances the rest of me.

And good news is always welcome so with a happy heart I look forward to the end of this month when the hubster starts his new bid at his workplace and will have working hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. (He reminds me the holiday season is near upon us and he'll be working overtime so the extra happy may be delayed). This is a huge change for him and us. For 17 years he's been 4-4:30 a.m. to 1-1:30 p.m. with overtime at both ends a lot of the time and most significantly in the past year. Along with completely killing any hope of him getting restful sleep we find ourselves passing each other a lot rather than having any sort of extended time together. Like last week, where I saw him for a sum total of 45 minutes from Monday night until Friday night. And this week, where I saw him last night for a bit and I will see him again for a bit on Wednesday night if he can manage it, or Thursday morning since (hurrah!) we are both off and without previous commitments on the same day!

The new bid is just a few miles from home dropping around 7-8 hours from his commute and will have a large positive impact on his fatigue level which will make him feel so much better, healthier, and happier all around. Seventeen years of the old shift is a whole lot of time when you lay it against the fact that we've only been married for 20 years. I teased him that he may find he does not even like me once he sees me so much and he may learn that his shift is what has preserved our marriage. La! He looked surprised and then just laughed and shook his head at me ever wondering why my brain works as it does and why I don't use filters between it and my mouth. Ha! I love him so!

Time to get ready for work.

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