pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

I haz a headache :-(

One of those headaches. Where I want to just shoot myself, or decapitate myself, or something equally as horrid.

I wondered Friday and Saturday if I'd jacked my neck on the stupid surrey. Sunday informed me that I had. (I missed our CUUPs Mabon rite which is my second favourite Sabbat. *cries*)

Today is definitely better because today I am actually upright. Though for the second half of today I really didn't want to be. Lying down at work is frowned upon so I remained upright and miserable.

And my body decided to turn on me in an additional way - what was fondly referred to in my childhood as the "green apple quick step". For an hour and a half. Double yay.

Between the extra hours at work (which I was told today would be ending after this week - real "YAY!" here), the stress of my FIL in hospice, and some other obligations which are bearing down on me I alternately want to stick needles in my eyes or just go to sleep until it all goes away.

Have I mentioned recently how much I miss my daily 1600mg-2400mg of Motrin? Well if I haven't, I do, and I'm still pissed off about it. Two years I had with next to no headaches, minimal neck pain, and knees that screamed a lot more softly. My stupid heart hating Motrin enough to go flutterflutterskipflutterskipskip on it. *stomp*

I am overwhelmed. <------ Couldn't tell, huh? See how clever I am? I kept y'all in the dark with my vague wording.

FML. Really, tonight, that is how I feel. Tomorrow may be different, but tonight I completely understand the use of FML. How appropriate.

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