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Gratitude Project 2010

Long time no McPosty.

My cold continued to kick my butt thoroughly and completely, but since I am off work (yay!) I will return to health soon.

Sept. 18th - Fire pit at the son's and future DIL's house! Her siblings were there and they are lovely kids. :-)

Sept. 19th - The Phantom! My daughter and I went to see it for its last tour through here. It was the final show and we laughed, we cried, and it was good for all.

Sept. 20th - My two older kids have 2 "get readys" for this Saturday and I helped paint the one (previously filthy) apartment. Twenty years, one guy, never cleaned. He moved out as the kids were buying the building. They've avoided this one as long as possible. *shudder* AND - youngest child finally got a bite on one the job apps he's put in in the last year. He has an interview on Friday!

Final Sept 21st gratitude - For check-in!! W00t! I was exhausted and achy before it and light and not achy afterward.

Until next year, the Project rests. *blows kiss to Estara*

Welcome Mabon. Welcome Autumn. It is time to shift. The dark part of the year calls and mysteries sit in anticipation of being experienced. I run to you with open arms!

Okay! Cut off my legs! *g*

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