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How many does it take to change a light bulb (by astrological sign)?

Aries: One. You wanna make something of it???
Taurus: One, but just *try* to convince them that the burned out bulb is useless and should be thrown away.
Gemini: Two. Plus a cell phone, an internet link, and a copy of the "Bluffer's Guide to Changing Lightbulbs."
Cancer: Just one, but it takes a therapist three years to help them through the grieving process.
Leo: Leos do not change their own lightbulbs. They find someone else to do it for them.
Virgo: Let's see, one to spot the bulb, one to record the time the bulb burned out and the date it was purchased, one to decide who's fault it is that the bulb burned out and ask why that brand was chosen in the first place, ten to decide to remodel the house as long as they're changing the bulb....
Libra: Er, two, or, maybe one. No--on second thought, make that two. Is that OK with you?
Scorpio: Why do you want to know? Are you a cop?
Sagittarius: The sun is shining, the day is young, we've got out whole lives ahead of us, and you're inside worrying about a stupid burned out lightbulb?
Capricorn: I don't waste my time with these childish jokes.
Aquarius: Like, why don't you just get out of my face and stop asking me to do all your work for you? I'm, like, really totally sick and tired of you asking me questions.
Pisces: Huh? The light's out?
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