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Gratitude Project 2010

Yesterday started out fine and dandy. As usual I had Big Plans to get bunches of stuff done on my day off. Also as usual, none of that happened. For about 3 years I've been lusting after the Chevy Malibu 2009 (yes, I can do the math, but the car reviews for it came out then).

I have a 2000 Malibu. A lovely co-worker of mine sold it to us for bluebook in 2001 when it had less than 9,000 miles on it. It has served me well. It is also a bare bones model. No power windows, no CD player. Nada. Couldn't beat the price and condition so we bought it from him. This led to me becoming quite enamored of Malibus. Great handling, good power, small enough to park easily, big enough to not feel like an ant on the road.

So when I heard about the 2009 with its awesome reviews and superior safety rating I began plotting how to afford one. The sticker price brought that to a crashing halt. Oh, if I waited for a sale or end of year clearance I could probably swing, but that would be for the bare bones model. Thanks, I have one of those. :-/

(Truth be told I could probably afford the LTZ that I wanted, but no way did I want a car payment that was just shy of what used to be our house payment. I mean, c'mon .... really Chevy? Bah!)

So I lusted. I waited a year and thought 50% off sale would be awesome when they bring out the 2010s. Especially with the economy tanking like it did. It is now obvious to you, dear readers, thatI have no clue how car shopping and sales work, right? It is not like end-of-clothing racks where the retailer will slash prices to near nothing just to get rid of the damn merchandise. Especially when it is popular car, a well-built one, who's trade-in value remains high.

(insert crushing disappointment in August of 2009 here)

So I watched them. And I Googled them. I autotraded, cargurued, and every-other-car-sited them to no avail. The 2010's came out and nothing changed. I wept.

So this year I thought - AHA! The 2011's are out. Surely the 2009's are cheap. I had become accustomed to the idea of used not new. That was not an issue. I excitedly checked the web sites again yesterday.



I saw an ad for 2010. Good price, great mileage, LTZ model. I sent an email asking if the car was still available. I figured it was not, but they were leaving it up on their site as a come-on for as long as they are legally able to. I received an auto-reply back. We decided to go look at it anyway. (In the meantime doing the calculations, deciding what payment would be comfortable with, and how much we'd like to put down.)

We arrive. It was no longer available. *shock*

"Let me show this 2008 LT2...."
Me: ...........
Car Salesman Guy (heretofore known as CSG): It's almost exactly like the one you saw -
Me: Except a 2008. The earliest I'm willing to go is a 2009. Do you have an 2009s?
CSG: No. But it is JUST LIKE a 2009 and -
Me: Ha! I wanted the 2009 because of the reviews, the safety.
CSG: It is the same car. When did you read the reviews? 
Me: Before it was released. When it first showed up for the auto dealer shows.
CSG: Well, let me explain ...  when Chevy changed their Malibu it was 2007-2008 (blah blah yada yada) .....
Me: ...... (completely bored and disappointed, thinking "bullshit") ....
CSG: ...... I can prove it you.
Me: *ears perk up*

So there was test driving, Google searches for proof it was the same car as the early 2009, safety data, and it had all the perks - every one and then some - of the 2009 LTZ except partial leather interior instead of full leather. All I really wanted was a more comfortable seat, a CD player, a heated driver's seat, and power windows.

We both drove it and were satisfied. Price - and so begins the game where we're all old enough to know the rules:

CSG: This car is worth $28,000 in the 2010 version -
Hubster: *snort* it is not!
Me: (thinking, "but it is a 2008") Saying, yes it is, but -
CSG: *looks shocked at hubster's response*
Hubster: (Continued look of disbelief)
Me: Don't I get the internet discount since that is what brought me in?
CSG: *big grin* I think I can do that for you! Let me go see what I can do!

Etc .... I haz a new (to me) car!!

More than this happened yesterday ..... but this was the happy part of yesterday. The rest will have to wait until tonight.

So this is my gratitude post. W00t!


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