pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Wow - haven't posted in forever

And I haven't even been reading here much except for ones I get linked to. Not reading much on LJ, either. Life has been killer busy and we've become more short-handed at work between retiring people, one who got a better paying job, and another on time off for 8 weeks, plus people taking their summer vacation trips. ~dies~

Life has been pretty busy at home, too, with my continued pursuit of knowledge and experience with Reclaiming/Feri via Pandora. Issues with grown kids and grandkid that need time and focus. The level of tired from work has been the most draining. Cross your fingers that we have someone hired soon!

Vacation starts tomorrow and my heart sings with joy that I will be at the ocean for a week. ~happy contented sigh~

And in geek news - I got a Droid X fresh on the market yesterday. I *heart* it mightily!!

Once someone is hired at work, and trained I should have more time. And more sleep! *grin*

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