pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project, Part II, Day II

The backyard pool. Essential oils. They go together. Every manner of wasp wanted to be in the pool with us. Now, near and humid means *I* get the pool. Being ridiculously allergic to wasps means I fear them. Greatly. BUT, the pool is mine on my day off. I'm sorry it hasn't rained, I'm sorry you are thirsty my little killers, but mine mine mine! So I mixed up a batch of oils, tossed in a pinch of pennyroyal added water to heat and evaporate and carry the odor and put it on the pool ladder. They came, they sniffed, they left! Woo-hoo! Gratitude! (Oh, I put a bucket of fresh water about ten feet from the pool for the little killing bastards. Didn't see them near it. Could have been the oil mix and breeze.)
Tags: gratitude_project05
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