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From finch Male privilege as seen by FTM

So, we (a number of online peeps in my cyber groups) spend a significant amount of time talking about privilege. Male privilege, Xian privilege, white privilege, cis-gendered privilege, hetero privilege, you get the picture, yes? Sometimes the members of the privileged group get *real* snippy. Sometimes even beyond the usual "nu-uh" to fingers-in-the-ears-LALALALA-I-can't-hear-you snippy.

So, to read about it from someone who has experienced it from both sides (FTM starting to pass) and have them say, "Yeah, and it is frequent (as female), but now it is not (as male) and it is such a difference that it drew my attention" is quite fascinating.

So [personal profile] finch  linked to the article and with permission I am linking the DW post.

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