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Kids' school projects

You know how your kids make those ceramic/wooden/whatever things in school and you keep them? I always not only kept them, but used them. (You should ask the older two about the faces in the powder room at the old house. They've not found their home here yet.) So Kev made a vase yeeeeaaarrrrs ago (that he hated of course). It's bumpy and aqua and is made to hang on a wall. It sat sideways on a shelf for years with various items protruding from it. It is on the wall now! In the blue room! Filled with sand! It is perfect for incense sticks and hangs above right of my ancestor altar. He made a red ceramic candle older. It is tall and made of "rings" of clay. I use it.

Jer made a skier in abstract colors out of wood that is on my desk in my altar room (The ancestor altar is in the blue room with exercise/yoga equipment.). And he made a wooden step stool that folds. It lives in the kitchen and is used frequently.

There is a ceramic mask with feathers for hair. Samantha made this one. I love it, she hates it. Its colors match the masks I've collected over the years. Some feathers have been lost, but I still hang it. It, too, is waiting for its perfect spot on the wall in this house. The long wooden candle holder she made in woodshop is on the wall to the left of the ancestor altar. Jer made an off-white bumpy container that has held rocks and is waiting for its next fill up. It is next to the altar. (He hates that pot, too.) All 3 kids have something near that altar. I think that is excellent.

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