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Quiz .....

Your result for Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test...

You are the Creator

63% Innocent, 21% Orphan, 58% Warrior, 54% Caregiver, 71% Seeker, 46% Lover, 63% Destroyer, 83% Creator, 72% Magician, 71% Ruler, 67% Sage and 79% Fool!

: Identity
: Inauthenticity
Response to Dragon/Problem
: Claim it as part of the self
:  self-creation, self-acceptance
:  Individuality, vocation
: Work, creativity

The Creator is the center of improvement, always striving to create and better her/his surroundings. The Soul is the center of the Creator’s dance, and it seeks to find a deeper sense of self and wisdom even at the price of the Ego’s functions of keeping us healthy and functioning. The Soul is the source of our freewill, and the healthy creator can tap into the potential, creating circumstances while others feel acted upon by her/his actions.

The Creator is driven to be authentic despite the costs. Creators are threatening to Warriors and Seekers, who are very concerned with how things are ‘supposed’ to be.

Shadow Creator:

The Shadow creator creates without any sense of responsibility for what s/he is making. The Shadow Creator often will deny his/her responsibility in events. Most often, the Creator is shunned by the community, and a Shadow Creator seeks to create to disturb the community from which s/he is shunned. If a creation comes out badly, a Shadow Creator will blame circumstances.

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Apr. 6th, 2010 12:41 am (UTC)
I, am a lemming. But scary, this is so me.

Your result for Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test...

You are the Seeker.

46% Innocent, 50% Orphan, 58% Warrior, 54% Caregiver, 96% Seeker, 67% Lover, 67% Destroyer, 63% Creator, 80% Magician, 67% Ruler, 63% Sage and 63% Fool!

Goal: Search for better life

Fear: Conformity

Response to Dragon/Problem: Flee from it

Task: Be true to deeper self

Gift: Autonomy, ambition

Addictions: Independence, perfection

The Seeker seeks to find a better future or found a more perfect world. Seekers often feel confined and are therefore vulnerable to the call of the unknown. Wandering begins with rather aimless experimentation. Often, this experimentation alienates those around the Seeker and the Seeker is forced to give up his/her conventional life to wander and grow. Eventually, the Seeker finds h/er Grail and can create a new life of convention.

Shadow Seeker

The Shadow Seekers manifests itself as an obsessive need to be independent that keeps us isolated and alone. Other times, the urge to seek will take destructive forms such as chemical addiction, or even to dangerous situations that produce adrenalin. Seeking is often dangerous. In a materialistic, secular society, the mountain to be scaled is often professional or vocational. Initially, channeling the urge to ascend into various kinds of achievement is very positive and healthy. Therefore, modern Seekers often find themselves seeking a high through their work, working an ever increasing amount of time to satisfy her/his needs.

Apr. 6th, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
Re: I, am a lemming. But scary, this is so me.
Heh heh heh. OKCupid strikes a good one!
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