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This was a bizarre week and little got done

And no color week this week. So green must wait until tomorrow. It was great stuff and horrid stuff this week. Upon reflection both of those descriptions may be exaggerations, but that is how they felt as they occurred.

Sunday brought the health care reform vote and my heart swelled with hope for the citizens of this country. Lack of compassion and selfishness abounded on the internet and my heart sank again.

My youngest got his driver's license. He had gone 4 times to take the test and never got to do so due to car and insurance glitches. On the 4th trip he got to take his test and passed on the first try. I was SO very happy for him. It was a test of perseverance and he handled it well. So with pride my heart filled. And the one person I so wanted to call, desperately, to talk to and share this with died 3 1/2 years ago. She would have been so thrilled with her grandson.

Then I had the extra value option with my chronic neck pain that came in the form of blinding headache up the left side of my face and head. It lasted all. damn. day. That was yesterday. I missed drum circle because of it. Last night I twisted, and turned, and bunched up my pillow in ways that would make a contortionist jealous. I barely slept the first few hours and I Gumby-ed my neck into what would seem reminiscent of medieval torture positions that somehow during the night brought relief. I woke up this morning and could not feel my neck. Not in a bad way, as in numb, but in a way I haven't felt in years. There was no sense of out of alignment. No pressure on the nerves, nothing off center and pulling. I waited for the stabbing pain down my back. I waited for the clickety-snappity-poppity-crack when I turned my head to look in the car mirror, or bend to put on shoes, or look up to rinse my face in the shower. I waited all day and like inconsiderate company it never came. I was never so happy to be stood up.

Weird week and good riddance to it. Next!

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