pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Color weeks - Orange - to Yellow - to Blue

So ... orange and I were better friends than I thought. How out of it does one have to be to forget THREE walls of a room are a light pumpkin in one's house? PHOTO The room had been refilled with boxes and bags and such as sorting, sifting, and storing continued. I cleaned it up again and said, "Duh." So, orange demanded another half week just to show me how narrow my vision had become. :P~

Yellow was next. Awesome sunshine! Bright, happy, lovely, inspiring yellow. I ♥ it! Always have and always will. Yellow is energy, but calm, focused, joyous energy. Yellow feels like summer to me.

I was thinking black would be next, with the dark moon upcoming and all, but blue demanded this week. ~sigh~ I wanted to end on blue as it is one the most intense for me. So far blue reads the same to me - relaxing, cleansing, heightened psychic awareness, water and ocean and *life*. We'll see if it stays that way.

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Tags: color immersion weeks, pandora o'mallory, religious work, spiritual practices
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