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Color weeks - Brown then white - Yes, I'm behind in posting

Brown was lovely through and through. Firm yet soft, warm and oh so comfortable. It was hearth and home and comfy. It was chocolate! And rugs and coats and boots and blankets. Did I mention it was warm and comfortable? It was all things contented wrapped up snug and safe.

Then came harsh, cold, clean, pure, wonderful white. Such a contrast to brown, yet I feel fresh and new in white. Snow snow we had feet of snow! But soft clouds and socks and white shirts made up for cold cold cold snow! White is fog. I love fog (though you can keep the freezing fog!) And white candles are blessing candles, so  ... white is good. :-)

This week is orange. No idea why. We shall find out, yes? ;-)

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Tags: color immersion weeks, pandora o'mallory, religious work, spiritual practices
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