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Two tiers of religious freedoms - the elite and the underclass

Is The First Amendment for Monotheists Only?

A case coming before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals could end up having major legal ramifications for all religious minorities in the United States. Wiccan chaplain Patrick McCollum has been fighting for years to overturn the State of California’s “five faiths policy”, which limits the hiring of paid chaplains to Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Native American adherents. While McCollum has suffered setbacks in his quest, with a California federal district court ruling in early 2009 that he had no standing to bring his suit, he recently gained support on appeal from several civil and religious rights groups who argue that his case should be heard.


My comment other than what the bloody hell?!?! Note how the Eastern religions "don't count", either. ETA - I am referring to Hinduism and Buddhism and the like when I write "Eastern".

USA - the land that gave individual freedoms 200-odd years ago and now tries daily to day them away.

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