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From elf - SCOTUS and corporations

Some values of hope.

Several people on my f'lists, and many pundits, are wailing about the recent Supreme Court decision, which seems to boil down to "since corporations are people, and people have free speech, we can't forbid them from spending gazillions of dollars on political speech." (I'm not providing links. You can find DailyKos without my help.)

Many people are saying:
1) This is the end of true democracy because there's no limit to how many politicians can now be bought,
2) Every cyberpunk dystopia we've ever heard of is now not only possible, but plausible, save for the tech,
3) Corporations are going to stomp out unions, end social aid programs, and feed more money to the ultra-wealthy.

I think those are all reasonably true. (I dunno if #3 *will* happen, but I'm sure it'll be attempted.)

But I'm not overly-dismayed. It's not like this was a *surprise* decision; it stems logically from the concept of "corporate persons." It came from the growing allowance that corporations are both exempt from laws that govern people (if a corporation kills people, "the corporation" cannot go to prison for it), and permitted to rights granted only to people.

They have forgotten something. They, the SCOTUS, the corporations themselves, the media... lots of theys have forgotten something.

Corporations are not people.

They are not. Really. All we, THE PEOPLE, have to do to end this, is STOP PRETENDING that corporations are people.

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