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Color Weeks starting this Sunday!

It is much easier for me to remember if I start on a Sunday. It is homework. That I asked for. Don't look at me like that! I need my focus back and I am the opposite of how one should react with craziness in one's life. Those are the times when one should lean heavily on their practices and find relief. I withdraw from everything, including those, and it is so counterproductive to my sanity. So, I'm wanting to break that habit once and for all. Eight weeks of color color color everywhere I hope will do that.

So all colors of the rainbow minus violet and plus white, brown, and black. One week = one color. Wear, eat, burn candles and notice that color every day for a week and by the end of the week you are tuned to the energy you personally feel from each color. I am excited to see if this type of color saturation changes any of the energy for me with colors. Sweet!

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