pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Long 24 hours

But much fun was had (celebratory dinner for work peeps and a stop for a fave RSM's retirement) last night after working open to close; much work was done with Lifecraft this morning led by Julie (excellent job, Julie!); then later this afternoon a web site meeting for Spiritways with many items nailed down. Huzzah!

A couple of months ago I arbitrarily picked a date to start plowing through the 15 or so boxes in the computer room closet. Just one box at a time so it would not continue to overwhelm me. I thought they were all books. Wrong. The first five were ... stuff. I dunno. I skipped them. Later. So I did one box of books. Most will go to either Half Price books or AmVets. But I did the one. And one my fellow CUUPs members who I took the IP workshops with remembered this date and mentioned to me today that I was to do my one box. lol. Bless her. I told her I had remembered and Geez what a day to do it in!

I did one more, too, a bathroom/linen closet one that was in Kev's room. It was big-un, so yay me. :-)

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Tags: does it ever end, sorting
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