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The Candle Keeping a Light Burning for Religious Freedom by Labrys

Light ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and I was a young WAC (Women’s Army Corps) member, this phrase was heard when out on break from whatever training was ongoing.  This was, after all, still in the era when military ration kits came with cigarettes included!  So, it was invitation to light up a smoke.

But here….it is invitation to light up the noumenal world of Willful cause and effect, and the phenomenal mundane world as well—with cash contributions to further the cause of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  By next week, a flashy button will appear to take you to the donation site.

But as a pagan, I hear far too much about prayers of imprecation–taken from some of the rather darker chapters of the Bible.  These prayers are launched against President Obama, and against Mike Weinstein of the MRFF.  And pretty much against anyone who believes that “freedom of religion” means ALL religions.

It has been brought to my attention that soldiers are being proselytized in forceful and coercive ways, as are vets in hospital beds—told that death is near and shouldn’t they “commit to Christ” to save their souls.  For active duty troops in the war zones, it might be necessary to save their LIVES.  There are reports of those non-compliant sorts being intentionally sent on the most dangerous jobs.

War should not be used to further a religious agenda.  We object to it when it is done by Islamic fanatics.  We should object and FIGHT when it is done by Christian fanatics.  People of good will of all faiths CAN read the public posts here and all can support the MRFF.

Good reasons for allowing ALL religions free expression and practice are apparently not as obvious as I once believed.  Discussions of this will be held here.  Proselytizing, “damning” and other damaging behaviors will not be countenanced.


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