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Trying to catch up on some people's journal posts

And it's very hard to do, especially when you click the link to the other post which you read and which also has other links, which you read (with comments) and before you know it an hour has past and still - you've not made much progress on your catching up. But then you hit a stunning winner ~ one that says this is why I clicked. Thanks to [info - personal] sanacrow , I was following a link of hers and found this in the comments:


(I saw the same remark about the same comment made elsewhere; I don’t know if you’re the same person, but this point is important enough to me that I want to post my reply here, too.)

I’m not reading where this implies that all white people are bigots.

Here’s how I do read it:

It’s worthwhile for me, as a white person, to take time to think about the fact that when I encounter people of color in a racially-charged context — and every encounter that a non-white stranger has with me will start out racially-charged, at least to some minimal extent — I am seeing them in a context that is already primed with hurt and justified anger.

As wonderful as it would be for me if people of color could see that I’m trying to be better than the overwhelming weight of their experiences with white people, I’m not entitled to any kind of free pass. I have to earn that trust, person by person — just like any other kind of trust.

From The Angry Black Woman
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