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Dismantling my altar room, rambling thoughts

The energy has been dispersed (like any idiot with a "mission" I almost forgot to do it before shifting everything to other rooms) and the room feels bare already now even though most of the items still reside there. Still have no idea where all of it is going to fit, but I will find a way. And with a bit of patience *cough* my charm bags and base oils, etc. will be better organized.

I'm attempting to shift with little disruption to the existing rooms because I *like* the existing rooms. The vanity that is the south altar and it is my main altar will become the all-purpose altar when needed. It moves to the bedroom after we've painted next week. (Yay!) It likely won't get used much as the bedroom is the least accessible room with our different work schedules and sleep/wake schedules. Having a husband who naps in the afternoon after work is a disadvantage, but evened out by a husband who leaves the bed at 3 a.m. and I get to stretch out. The downside, not having him there in the morning is evened out by him being home to cook dinner when I work. It makes the room almost constantly unavailable, though.

What will be my western altar, the server, was my east and Kuan Yin's. Her spot has become the small table by the front door, which faces west, not east, but she doesn't mind. Same as she doesn't mind having her altar spread with that which would better suit Tara, but considering, she's all good with it. Her altar now has the Indian prayer rug as the cover on the table. I kept the stick incense burner. I kept the hand-carved wooden box, the hand-carved cigarette case, and the hand-carved brass finger bowl all brought back from India by my father when he was there during the War, the Big One. He always was a shopper. :-) Rounding out the small altar is the singing bowl. She very specifically did *not* want to follow the server down to the basement. I assured Her I had no intention of doing so.

I refused to alter the table that Hestia's tiny altar resides on. Good thing as She refused also. lol Yemaya is happy to have Her altar just about anywhere, but really there is no reason to move her right now. Besides, I like it on the little table in the kitchen since I travel through that room so often.

The shelves in the hallway really need some more photos added, to included my ancestors. Right now it's living members only. That will have to wait.

East is now a tiny corner stand in the dining room. North and south will have to combine in the bedroom as the only one facing north really is Yemaya's which seems inappropriate, but she doesn't mind. She and Kuan Yin seem to be quite easy-going about these things, I'm guessing because They like the items around them regardless of where they sit.

Aphrodite's in the bedroom on the chest of drawers is quite simple, too. The colors I love. They will not match at all after the room is painted and the claret colored curtains hung and the new comforters tossed on the bed. Tough shit, says Aphrodite, do not change a thing. Figures. lol

I cleared a shelf in the basement pantry for my herbs. That will be filled soon and I may have to steal another shelf. What to do with what I clear?? Eh, who cares right now.

The genuine handmade oriental rug that was my grandmother's will be rolled up and stored and the handmade accent rugs that my great-granmother and Nana made will be also. I want nothing to happen to them. They've taken a beating over the years as is and enough is enough.

I'll need a cheap almost room size rug to toss down in my ex-altar room so the second boomerang kid doesn't scuff up the wood floor. ~~sigh~~ It's only a year and half he says (dh and I think 2 minimum) and he feels terrible I'm giving up my altar room for him, so I guess I can manage to get over myself to adjust.

Back to clearing and rearranging. Eeewwww ... no .... read more LJ instead!
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