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Poor daughter has a bad case of the flu. Took her to the ER to make certain she was not dehydrated. She had a bit of trouble breathing so they did a chest x-ray to be certain no pneumonia. Her lungs are good. She ran herself into the ground by not taking off of work to get better. So now she is forced to. It isn't just the regular job - it is the every night and weekend work getting the apartments ready.

I called my older son after I left my daughter's house and said, "I took Kevie to the ER for his cut finger, Daddy for his back, and your sister for her lungs. What body part will I be taking you in for in the near future?" He replied, "Exhaustion." I laughed even though I know he is serious. Between his full time job and he also working on the apartments every night and weekend, add in his sprained elbow ... well - he is plum tired all the time.

My daughter and I were in the same room as Kev and I had been in a few weeks before. As long I'm viewing that room from the "visitor's chair" and not the bed I'll go back if I have to, but I'd rather not.

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