pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

It's been an eventful few weeks

First with the hubster and a muscle strain in his lower back from simply turning wrong in shower and a resulting pinched nerve with meds and ice and heat and rest and him being angry that his body turned on him. He is healing well, but slowly, and is off of the Vicodin and onto physical therapy. Thursday last week was the wine dinner with what I thought was a significant hangover on Friday which is a first for one of the wine dinners.

Since the stomach and bowels have been jerking me around every single day since then my guess is it is a virus. So I've been mostly down for the count for a week. No TMI details, but it's been pretty awful. I had a stretch of days off of work this week since my one co-worker is back from leave and now my manager is in the hospital so I am going into work today for her. Since it's been a week I think I am not contagious though I bet I was on Monday. Now that I'm at the continuous burping phrase the customers are gonna love me, yes? lol.

There was a wedding (beautful!) and Cirque De Soleil (awesome!) tossed in over the weekend. I made it through both with care, but sheesh, I thought it was leftover hangover crappy feeling from 24 hours of vomiting/dry heaves. <--- oh look, a little TMI. I hope I wasn't contagious then. Sorry, Jennifer!

Youngest child had sliced his finger on the deli slicer at work (again) and it was pretty bad this time with a large fleshy chunk missing from his finger tip, but finally had good healing last week after bleeding almost daily the first week.

Older son sprained his elbow at work on Monday and woke up this morning, checked his bank account online, and found someone in Mexico has stolen his bank account information and he is in overdraft. He is clearing it up as I type this.

The daughter is battling billing at the grandson's pediatrician's office. They are wrong and she has proof. Bless her heart for saving all those papers.

Wheeeeeeeeeeee. :-/

May today be the last day of stupid shit and tomorrow start the upswing!

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