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More than 4 years ago

Estara T'Shirai read, worked the exercises, and reviewed "Goddess Initiations" by
Francesca De Grandis. She gave it a decent nod, so I am starting it. It is a "takes a year" book and and is pulled from the tradition of The Third Road®. The book appears to make it "any user" friendly, perhaps a little too much.

I hope doing this and the Iron Pentacle workshops I'll be attending will not be problematic, but if so the book can be set aside if need be.

I've been languishing since the death of my mum in late 2006. For the first year I was just barely able to tread water. The next 2 years were some flailing a lot of just keeping pace to not go under, some growth while moving and the boy graduating, and lots of other etc.'s added in. It's time again to steer my life ship instead of being a passenger. After all, who better to be captain? ;-)

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Tags: spiritual growth in fits and spurts
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