pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Busy week coming up

Work tomorrow 11-8 which is causing me to miss ritual, which just happens to be one I really really wanted to attend because of who is leading it. Normally Sunday work day ends at 5 so I don't request off ritual dates unless I am leading. Ppffffttt .... the corporate decision to be open until 8 this Sunday is ridiculous and a waste of payroll even though it is a Friends & Family night for the host store. We have no doctor. It will be 9 long hours.

Monday, also open to close except it is 10-8 and we're training a new hire for another store. Tuesday is to the farmers market to see what goodies they have. I hope some veggies to freeze for winter. Wednesday, again 10-8, and training. Thursday - off, Tyler, and wine dinner! W00t! Friday - I guess clean and unpack more and get clothes ready for .... wedding on Saturday!! :-) Sunday - Cirque De Soleil! So bust busy busy, damn.

This is why I don't make a lot of posts like this. I get tired just typing it. Hahahahaha!

Still pissed about tomorrow. I bitched, but it did no good. *scowl*
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