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Gratitude Project -eventually

I'll get to it.

Sadie the Yorkie goes out in the morning and usually dutifully waits to be hooked to her tie out. Usually. Sometimes she takes off towards the street, but returns when I screech loud enough to wake the neighbors and clap my hands. And this morning she took off straight across the street to the pile of garbage waiting to be picked up at the neighbor's. <----- this is important for later. I deftly dodge dog poo whilst running up the yard in my barefeet. Normally dew is nice, on a cold morning first thing out of bed, not so much. I snatch up the dog, explaining to her why being so little and us living on top of a hill with a curve she cannot run into the street because she is too small to be seen and she will get hit by a car or school bus. She listens attentively. Or I'm delusional. Your choice. As I'm carrying her back down the front yard my right foot finds ... (no, I've still got my dog poo radar going) .. a small dip in the grass. I hit it just right to collapse forward onto my right knee. Hard. I'm proud to say I did not drop the dog. I stand up and tie out the dog because she's not yet had a chance to engage in her morning "business". Cold feet, skinned knee, grass stain on newest pair of jeans, waiting for a dog to pee and poo. Lovely start to the day, yes?

So ... last week a delivery truck ripped our cable wire partially off of the house. It was in the street when Dave called Comcast. They said they'd put it through as a safety issue so someone could *maybe* come out that day. Within an hour a cop went by. While Dave was on the phone however we managed to loosely tie the cable up.We = the truck driver stealing borrowing the neighbor's ladder from his backyard, holding the cable up with my kitchen broom, while my daughter's boyfriend climbs our (unstolen) ladder to try to reattach the cable to the house while I provide verbal encouragement. We do all this hoping to get the cable just high enough that the trucker can leave, feeling confident Comcast will be showing up any minute. The trucker gets to leave after he uses the broom again to unhook the cable from the rear of the truck roof where it got stuck when he tried to pull away. Comcast never showed. My guess is the cop drove up the street looking for the downed wire. There was none, just a low hanging one. I think they notified Comcast of no wire so they pushed us off the list. Think about it - if you know the cable company will come right away if you tell them a wire in in the street, how people do you know who would say that just to get the cable guy there ASAP? So Dave calls again and gets told we have an appt. on the 19th. They are told the wire will not stay up that long. They do not care. Humph. Lesson learned, yes?

So .... the garbage men do their job and remove the waste from our curb. I walk by the front door and see a long black cable lying on the ground, up the yard, and across the street. ~sigh~ I go look at the damage and see that this time, instead of the wire just being pulled from the top attachment on the house wall, it has been ripped all the way down to the connector. I call Comcast. While I'm on hold for the first 5 minutes I am bored listening to the ads alternating with silence, though the silence was much more appropriate to their apparent service philosophy. Then an automated voice tells me I have an appt. scheduled for the 19th (automated voices can now sound pissy I was suprised to learn) and to push *some button* to continue anyway. ~~~PUSH~~~ ....waits ..... When I get to speak to a human I explain the garbage truck and the wire in the street and tell her there is no way we'll be able to jimmyrig that thing back up on the wall. Guess what? She's sending an email out with the situation detailed (oh when did we hear this before??) and hopefully (?!!??) they will be able to get somebody out here today.

I go in the house and call Dave so I can laugh with somebody about it. He laughs at first, then bellows when I tell him about Comcast sending the email, "THAT'S WHAT THEY TOLD ME A WEEK AGO." *cough* I know.

So ......... a work truck pulls up in front of the house. Is it Comcast? LOL oh LOL oh LOL. Of course not. It is the power company. The neighbor called them thinking it was their line and OMGs they came within an hour. Holy shit they need to give lessons to Comcast. But, not their line, not allowed to reattach it. He leaves.

When I went out front to tell him it was Comcast's line (which he would have discovered when he made his way down to the house) I pulled the door "to" so Sadie would not run out, cross the street, bite his ankles, whatever. We pull the door "just to" because it auto locks. Power guy leaves, I turn to go in. Oh you are so smart, reader - yes, I pulled the door a hair more than "to". The hair that allows the latch to engage. Locked out. I was happy to learn how thoroughly burglar proof our house is short of breaking a window. *considers a brick* *reconsiders* I found the shed unlocked and armed with garden tools popped the screen out of the window in the basement, knowing I could gain access through it. It sits above the dryer and has given me pause as to its safety since we moved in. I slide the garden tool under the frame. The lock is just a pop-up latch, nestled on the bottom front of the window. Easy peasy. My! What clever builders my parents had 45 years ago. The lock is in fact not accessible through the frame. It sits a half inch higher, embedded in another piece of wood. *calls daughter* When you are done with the teacher's conference (in an hour and a half) could you please call me and if I am still locked out come and let me in? She rambles through all the possible modes of entry except the brick. I bet she'd think of the brick if she were the one standing outside.

My son is upstairs sleeping. His phone is off or dead. My other son is on his way to work. My husband is at work, at least 45 minutes away and really - not much able to leave anyway. I look up at my son's window. I once again consider a brick, but am fairly certain I can't get it 3 stories up without losing my aim and really ...what if I aim correctly and it hits him in the head? I look for stones to throw at the window. I decide to try my voice instead, since it is louder than any damn stone and his window is open and maybe he is up to a light sleep. A few times calling and I get a mumbled response. I holler my request for the front door to be opened. By the time I put the tools away and get around to the front the door is open and he is back in bed.

All this before 10 a.m.

Ok, the grattitude:

1) I didn't step in poo, the dog did not get run over. My ankle is tweaky on certain angles and my knee is sore and I pulled the damn ligament in my hip that just healed from a major pull in August, but all in all, not too bad.

2) I had just hung up the phone with my daughter as I walked the door, pulling it "just to" *cough* so I had it in my pocket to call her and ask to be let in later.

3) It wasn't raining.

4) The cable was pulled off of the wall, but it is still connected, so I get to post this.

No, Comcast has not yet arrived.

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