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Gratitude Project

I am grateful for easy fixes. Kev has cryptic tonsillitis. Explained by the doc like this: when you're grown your tonsils begin to shrink. Sometimes they do not shrink evenly or at the same pace so there are grooves. Food gets stuck in the grooves, and the bacteria from your mouth goes down and dances with the groovy food and they birth infection. Like all bad children, the birthed bacteria must be punished. There are 2 optimum punishments. One is time out - where you use a water pic and squirt your tonsils so the groovy food does not get to play with the nasty bacteria. The second punishment is permanent banishment via surgery. Ok, the doc didn't talk about dancing, playing, birthing or punishment - I embellished.

So the choice was up to us. I deferred to Kev. He's 18, his choice. He chose the water pic method. I asked the doc if they'll shrink all to uniform in time. He said "usually", so not choosing surgery is a good idea. They should be uniform by age 21. If the water piccing doesn't work then he can have surgery.

Good choice, Kev! And his sore throats should go away. And with the 2 allergy meds the GI prescribed that should settle out, too.

Banner day, yes?
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