pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Unbelievably fucked up Ohio Supreme Court non-ruling

Lactate on your own time, lady

On Thursday, the Ohio Supreme Court affirmed that Totes/Isotoner had the right to fire breastfeeding mother LaNisa Allen for taking breaks to pump milk. Yeah, you read that right. Timothy P. Reilly, attorney for Totes/Isotoner, told the Columbus Dispatch, "Totes has taken the position since the beginning of this case that it terminated the plaintiff (Allen) for a proper reason, and that's that she took unauthorized work breaks, regardless of her sex or condition." Because unauthorized pumping, clearly, can be divorced from one's "sex or condition."

More at title link


Because yeah - apparently breast feeding has nothing to do with being female, so it's not discrimination since all the breast feeding men at the company got fired, too!

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