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Gratitude Project

I am grateful for funny strangers not frightened off by my twisted sense of humour. I was shopping for a travel/sleep crate at PetSmart after work last night for Sadie. A young couple were looking at them, too. Young, handsome and fresh they were. The young man kept commenting on making sure the crate was big enough. The pretty young wife had a look of "Oh please, you're not that funny" on her face.

Until he became that funny by announcing the dog probably weighed as much as himself and this (rather large) crate should fit him. "Let's see", he said. And this young guy in dress pants and dress shirt proceeded to fit his tall self into the crate. Both his wife and I cracked up. I said, "Oh I wish I had a camera", and then in the same breath we both said "Phone!"

Both of us whipped out our cell phones (isn't technology grand?) as the guy struggled to remove himself from the crate. We both told him to stop. His head pops up and he looks surprised, "You're taking a picture, too?" "Of course", I grinned. Good thing, too, because his wife's phone kept telling her it couldn't take a pic. His wife convinced him he should stay in there long enough for a photo (who says young and pretty = stupid?) and so he did, being the in-love thing that he was.

Her phone never did work so I sent her the pic. I told her she'd be able to see the photo much better when she emailed it to herself and posted online. Everywhere. Do you think he has any idea I am posting this? My guess is yes. *laugh*

Oh - and their dog? An 8 week old Yorkie.

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