pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

So, I tried to leave the house

to go do some more work at the other house, but this house wouldn't let me. Damn inaminate objects.

I get in the car and push the auto door opener. It makes a hideous grinding and screeching sound as if someone is being chewed inside it motor. (Obviously a very small somebody.) I frantically push the button to MAKE IT STOP. This it complies with and I hear a "plopslide" then see this small black thing skid down the windshield. ~sigh~

I get out of the car, pick of the plastic half circle and it simply says "squeeze to release". No, squeezing it did NOT release my car. Humph! I look up. The weed whacker hangs behind the door opener motor. Mayhaps it is too close and was interfering. I move the whacker. I repeat the original scenario with even more noisy results, a harder time getting the damn this to stop, but no more loose pieces.

I'm now waiting for DH to come home and fix it for me. He'll be here soon.

Maybe this house just does not want us to move??

eta - plastic gear or sprocket is broken. Likely not a replaceable part w/o replacing the whole motor in which case a new one is cheaper.

eta2 - the part is available and looks easy to replace. *removal of cynical mask*

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