pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

The old year new year post

Not doing it, neener, neener! lololol

Ok, I'll do a short one. I plan to continue the progress I've made this year into next year. Increased health, deepening religious practices, more time spent with my herbs. Those require a lessening of the lazy factor. Continued deepening connection with my husband, continued genuine commitment to my kids while loosening the connection that keeps them from themselves (they think I don't do this, I feel I do, and for MY new year's post I get to be right).

The house. I must finish the house so we can move in in summer. I don't need to have everything done (original stoopid stoopid plan), but I do want all the big stuff done like the painting, last remaining strip of carpet I will keep replaced, and the family room floor resanded, stained and sealed.

One new thing - instead of just collecting books and reading in fits and starts with too much time between parts that I lose part of the beauty - dedicated reading time daily. Not reading on the net, holding in the hands reading. No, having a laptop does not count as "in the hands" reading. *G*

There, I did one. Written commitments for all to see. :P~
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