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I crossposted an entry of elfwreck 's from her IJ. The entry I posted is here on LJ

I posted it also on a Delphi forum,

So, I expected *something*. Some sort of response. I've recently suffered through threads of far right propaganda wondering woefully if Xmas will still be celebrated in 50 years since society tries to push it away/hide it/kill it. And the angry atheists ranting about Santa being a religious figure in the U.S. and therefore children in school's should not sing Rudolf because it teaches religion. And Jewish people just pissed as hell that Xmas is EVERY fucking WHERE they go for the past 3 months. Etc . Spirited and sometimes pissy discussions ensued.

So, I post Elf's well written and thought out take on the Pagan/Christian dilemna and I get ....... crickets chirping. What did I expect on a message board, right? If it's not hyperbole jumping off the page what is there to respond to? Right? Right???? Sometimes it just feels like nothing but an uphill battle. ~piss and moan~

And Kit - this is not directed at you. I *know* how you feel abput it and I know the time crunch you are in and the stressors you have right now. But the pissed off atheists and Xians, and Jews? The atheists and Jewish folk can at least identify with it. Yet I hear ..... *chirp chirp*


But it is Solstice. I have tasks. I have candles. I have darkness to dispel. How appropriate, yes?


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Dec. 21st, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)
It's not inflammatory enough to inspire quick feedback. It's too thoughtful, too considerate.

Usually, I avoid writing essays like that--the kind people read & enjoy & think about, but there's not enough holes to push people into saying "no, you got this part wrong" or "I don't think that applies to me". It's a useful essay, but it's an endless issue online that it's always easier to get feedback on vicious snark than on thoughtful posts.

'Sokay; I'm kinda burnt on vicious snark at the moment. I expected that most of the responses would be roughly "my, that's very nice; I will think about this some more." It's a topic as yet undefined in the Pagan & interfaith areas online (and I suspect on the Christian ones, but I don't know them); comms like Circle and Cross Talk and the Cauldron-and-Cross delphiforum are heavily CU/PB oriented; other viewpoints are told outright they're not welcome. So right now, the "interfaith" dialogue is dominated by people who refuse to acknowledge

--That there are severe extreme differences between the religions trying to get along, and
--That there's a severe imbalance of social & sometimes legal influence between the groups involved, such that they do not have to travel the same distance to "meet in the middle."

There is no framework for these discussions. There is no appropriate metaphor, no simple and profound statement of the base situation to build from.

And there won't be, as long as the public interfaith work is done by people who believe we don't actually have any serious differences to overcome, and it's all about "agree to disagree" on the shape and color of holiday decorations, or finding a reasonable compromise for public prayers.

::goes off to light some candles::
Dec. 21st, 2008 05:16 am (UTC)
I would love to go through and poke holes in this reply. I am deeply saddened that I cannot. Offline I could get this discussion going, probably heatedly in my UU church. (Lets that idea simmer in the back of my mind.) Though I will grant you that in the UU church I attend I would only get minor verbal resistance since it would be "bad form" to pick on the Pagans since we UUs embrace all™. I can definitely think of a few that I could tweak enough into speaking up even though they aren't Xians. At least I think so.

It saddens me additionally that online - with the potential to speak to *such* a greater number of people - is where it is not happening. Interneters like to pride themselves on their intellectual snobbery (some deserved, some not) when it comes to discussion. Yet for a subject like this, there is silence, or shushing, or "You're exaggerating!! This is America! Freedom of religion!!" That it happens also on Pagan discussion boards is disheartening.

Well, it is after midnight. I'm going to light my blue candle, and fan the tiny flame within me. And think some more.
Dec. 21st, 2008 06:34 am (UTC)
i actually didn't read the post until now, and would have to think of a proper response that would reflect the intellectual nature of the piece.
Dec. 21st, 2008 08:05 pm (UTC)
Fair enough, but you're not an angry Xian. :P~
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