pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Color me a tad bitter or a glutton for punishment, both fit

I crossposted an entry of elfwreck 's from her IJ. The entry I posted is here on LJ

I posted it also on a Delphi forum,

So, I expected *something*. Some sort of response. I've recently suffered through threads of far right propaganda wondering woefully if Xmas will still be celebrated in 50 years since society tries to push it away/hide it/kill it. And the angry atheists ranting about Santa being a religious figure in the U.S. and therefore children in school's should not sing Rudolf because it teaches religion. And Jewish people just pissed as hell that Xmas is EVERY fucking WHERE they go for the past 3 months. Etc . Spirited and sometimes pissy discussions ensued.

So, I post Elf's well written and thought out take on the Pagan/Christian dilemna and I get ....... crickets chirping. What did I expect on a message board, right? If it's not hyperbole jumping off the page what is there to respond to? Right? Right???? Sometimes it just feels like nothing but an uphill battle. ~piss and moan~

And Kit - this is not directed at you. I *know* how you feel abput it and I know the time crunch you are in and the stressors you have right now. But the pissed off atheists and Xians, and Jews? The atheists and Jewish folk can at least identify with it. Yet I hear ..... *chirp chirp*


But it is Solstice. I have tasks. I have candles. I have darkness to dispel. How appropriate, yes?


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