pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Someone on a forum asked if I had ever been to NYC

Yes, I have. Once. I just got to relive the memory and it was fun! I'm copying the post here, just so I have it for the future.

Once.  Seven or 8 years ago for a couple of days. My daughter was 18 or 19 and had to go to take some classes for a software program at her job and I went with her to be her "chaperone". Ha! We had a great time!

We got kinda lost walking back from Greenwich Village. We had to pretend we knew where we were going because it seemed we weren't in the best of neighborhoods. People were looking at us cross-eyed as if they were wondering why the hell we were there and we thought announcing "tourist" was a bad idea, though I'm certain we may as well have had it stamped on our foreheads!

We ran for the ferry (we almost missed it!) to go to the Statue of Liberty, only to see her drifting farther away as we discovered we'd made a break for the wrong ferry and were on our way to Staten Island. hahahahaha Those two events were on the same day.

We managed the subway pretty well though we didn't wander too far. We were staying in Manhattan so we felt we were pretty centrally located for what we wanted to see and do and where her classes were. Grand Central Station was lovely and we definitely did the tourist walk there - you know, looking up and around at everything except straight ahead where we were going!

Here in Pittsburgh you make eye contact with most anyone and say "hi". In NYC we got some strange looks, some "hi's" back, and some glowers for speaking to them. We curtailled that habit after the first day. :-)

Let's see ... part of her quest in NY was to find "the perfect tongue ring" and we hunted high and low for one, weaving all over the city, and ending in Chinatown where we found a piercing place that was between businesses and up a flight of stairs. When we got there we found the door locked and we swore, but then someone came up and knew the code to get in and we grabbed the door before it closed. Up the dark stairway we went and wondered at our sanity to go there, but we persisted up and found it behind a nondescript door.

Well, they had some piercing jewelry, but it turned out it was mainly for genitalia and nipples - that was their piercing specialty. Graphic photos of their work were hung all over the walls. That tweaked both of us to our maximum squick factor so we quickly inquired about tongue rings, got directions to another place, and high-tailed it out of there. I do not remember who told us about that place in Chinatown, but my guess is some New Yorker with a sense of humour. ;-) While we were running around Chinatown I got some nice items - a purse, a scarf, etc. and I was of course shocked at the inexpensive prices.

The other place we went she found the tongue ring she was looking for and even got a discount on the price because when the guy saw where we were from via her driver's license it turned out he grew up around here. I love the tongue ring story!

We saw a play. I believe the title was "The Dinner Party" and it starred John Ritter and Henry Winkler and my daughter was thrilled to get to meet John Ritter afterward, shake his hand, and get her picture taken with him. We wandered around Times Square. :-) We ate well when we were there, though I don't remember the name of any restuarants. Somewhere upstairs in the closet I have the ticket stubs from the play and the checks from the restuarants.

Since it was just a few days we didn't get to hit all the museums I had wanted to, though one we did get to was Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. I didn't get to the Guggenheim or the Met and we've sworn someday to go to back so I can!


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