pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Renn Fest!

Awesome goodness! We went to the local event and the people were so very nice. And funny! Funny as hell in fact. Good food, some very interesting vendors, a few baubles. And an absolute ton of walking which can only be a good thing for me.

Part of a pic - because I don't have permission from the others to post it in a public post) of me after being drenched (and I mean drenched that it took 30 minutes for my hair to stop dripping and it is THAT short!) All makeup washed off and hair got "wind dried", which no matter what anyone tells you, is not the same as blow dried. Look at my overshirt - it is still weighed down with the rain water hours after the sky opened in buckets. No warning sprinkles for us - bwahahahaha.

Next year we will go again and maybe hit the Maryland Renn Faire, too! I went with musiquephan and we. had. a. blast. *huge grin*

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