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Gratitude Project 2008 - Twofer!

Yesterday - for a good pleasant day. Youngest child needed a copy of his birth certificate so we hopped a trolley (named the "T" these days) to downtown. We paid our $10 penance for having the gall to have lost the damn thing somewhere in this house, waited 10 minutes ($1 per minute?) and were on our way. It was a day I had the grandson now 9 y/o (EGADS!) so he went with, thrilled ride the trolley.

We had lunch - 'twas yum yum yum with good service and a good price. I ordered some take out to bring home to Dave. We hopped the trolley again (we hopped the wrong one, but hopped back off because it left the "free fare" zone. We then caught correct trolley and came home

Today - for today's post and for all of those to follow by
labrys6  as she winds her way to Samhain, honoring OUR dead, cleans the labyrinth and washes the beads, every single one of which has a name attached to it from our wars. You can follow along here. Grace and Blessings to you, my CIL!

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