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I am such a fucking idiot to be caught surprised and saddened by this. Old enough to know better and still clinging to ideals. Well fuck me.

Cut for copyright, entire text of the letter with even more lovely thoughts, at the link (emphasis mine):

Open Letter From Dr. Joel C. Hunter—Benediction Prayer

Filed Under (Joel C. Hunter, News Room) by Robert Andrescik on 02-09-2008

There are several things to remember when praying in a public setting:

1. Prayer is not a speech with a hidden agenda; it is a direct request to God for help.  Therefore, it demeans prayer to use it to get points across to an audience other than God.  My prayer was my request to God and an invitation for the people of all faith traditions that our country welcomes to join me in it. 

2. Prayer in public is not a tool of evangelism, but it has a tone that will set the stage for evangelism by taking people from where they are in their faith (Acts 17:22) and making possible follow up conversations.  I am hearing accounts from many Christians who were in the stadium (including my wife) who had conversations with non-Christians that resulted in Kingdom progress.


5. Creating an environment where people can cooperate without having to compromise their core beliefs will eventually win more people to Christ than pronouncing Christ over them at the end of a prayer. 


I also hope that you will see the mention of other religions as an opportunity to lift up the one true God, not as a threat to His universality.

With appreciation and blessings,