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50 Book Challenge

I really need to see this as the challenge that it is. It is the end of April and I had to make myself finish the 9th book. It's a good one, I have a stack of unread/started to read long ago right here. Gah! I have serious procrastination issues!

#9 - "In Praise of the Crone" by Dorothy Morrison. Well written not sugar-coated guide to embracing your Crone stage. I thought perhaps I was on the brink of Cronedom, but this book showed me clearly I am not. I expect to pick it up and reread when I'm nearer the Crone stage. Tips and tricks and remedies for menopausal symptoms, a neat little Goddess chart in the appendices. Quite worth picking up second hand. Reiterates the need to ignore that nagging bitch inside that always wants to analyze every little action for fault, never for glory. Aaahhhh ... see? The book was valuable to a not-yet-Crone. Exercises and spells - some were "too cute", but easy to adapt to individual tastes. I think the most value comes from the author's insistence and expectation that after reading it women *will* embrace the Crone rather than fight it. Kind of "Well, why wouldn't you, now?" attitude that I found quite appealing.

*Looks at stack* Damn I've been negligent. :P~
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