September 11th, 2011


Gratitude Project - for surprises that are well met

 My daughter planned and organized and accomplished a surprise 30th birthday party for her beau. It was lovely, well done, and full of laughter, fun and happiness, good food and good friends and family. (You will notice I judge the success of any event by the laughter, food, and company. I can even tolerate mediocre food and still judge it a success, but with the people I know mediocre food is rare indeed.)

He was completely surprised even with most everyone invited being on Facebook, and friends on FB, the event (hidden) on FB, plotting and planning around him. He was a wee bit embarrassed but delighted and flattered. It was so much fun to witness his arrival!

Today's gratitude is for being off of work today. After working Friday night, coming home and baking two cakes, being at the park from late morning (the party was in the park), setting up the tent - LOLs and LOLs, but successful - a quick replenishment run because of a balloon bunch escape - and dragging and decorating tables and chairs we finished in ample time for guests and the guest of honor. The GofH was late due to unforeseen slowness of the golfing party in front of them and excuses had to be made to cut the game short at the 15th hole! He was told by his friend who driving that he had to make a quick stop to drop off an needed item at his friend's bday party and my daughter even thought of putting a bunch of pink balloons at the entrance to the grove so he would not be suspicious. (Yes, those were the escapees plus a couple mylars.) He thought it was a short stop and then home to shower because he was told we were ll going to dinner downtown for his birthday. I so love these things! And so did he. *grin*

Then there was partying, eating, playing cornhole (2 wins, 2 losses, it was my first time)  and leaving at 10 p.m. It was a full day. I didn't get a chance at lawn darts or bocci ball (and I so love bocci ball and haven't played in forever), but I was never bored. I am a bit tired. Good tired, though. Happy tired. I am grateful to be off today. *smile*

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Circle of life ~ sometimes makes me sad

I've been watching the 2 gray squirrels that live in my yard, chasing each other up and down tree trunks and jumping from one tree to another, hiding their food in the one spot that looks like a grave - for almost 2 years. Earlier this evening the The Fierce Yorkie barked like mad out the back window at something in the yard. We looked and a hawk was there, pecking at the ground. ("ground" ha!) I grabbed the phone, took some pictures and realized he was pecking at something awfully large, not "probably a mouse" like the man had said.

I was moving away from the window having decided I did not want to know what the beast was eating when he TOOK OFF IN FLIGHT. There hung one of "my" gray (now dead and missing some innards) squirrels. ~sigh~

Bloody circle of life. Not in my yard, damnit!

: (

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