February 4th, 2011


The Annoying Optimist on your f'list

That would be me. Yes, really! Hard to tell, yes? If you know me, you know this to be true. Sometimes I forget that the people I converse with online do not all know me in the manner that others do. I forget that not all of you have been with me the entire last decade online, seeing the extremes. I forget that blog posts and Facebook are not like message boards where it is easy to return again and again to conversations. Where people often more easily show all their sides, like IRL.

I forget that some of you don't even know what IRC is (though I have some pretty geeky friends - many much geekier than I -  so I could be wrong), how it ran "under the web", and how deep connections could be formed there. Connections that drove one to other states to meet  people and to fly to small parts of the U.S., gathering with people you've only known online, without fear, as you trust that inner voice that formed an opinion in a fairly closed "community". I forget that all of you are not from back then, back there, knowing me in all my parts, so to speak.

This is where I hit my usual stream-of-consciousness rambly stuff. If this disturbs you, you should probably not only stop reading here, but stop reading me altogether. Collapse )

There are a number of reasons I felt a need to say these things right now, too long to detail at the moment. Tie-ins to my religious path about change and the erroneous beliefs of outsiders and some newbies about what "She changes everything touches, and everything She touches changes" actually refers to. Tie-ins that would be long and if given only a quick read would appear counterproductive to the point of this post, so I will end here.

Because lyrics are my thing today these explain it well. Perhaps I should have simply posted this: We Are Light

So …. I am fine. And I will always be fine. And I believe the same about you, too, as annoying as that is. *smile*

Blessings on you, loves. May you always be Wrapped in Love.

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