December 9th, 2010


Alphabet meme

Fun Browser meme, where you put in a letter of the alphabet in the address bar, and see what the top website is. (And if you play along, be nice; outing yourself is fine; outing other people by giving links to their kinks is not.)

A: Shopping ...
B: bill ......
C: Reality TV ... which reminds me. I don't know who won yet!
D: - This blog!
E: - pure unadulterated essential oils for the word!
F:!/?ref=home - relieved that Facebook came up
G: - Gmail
H: - Drumming *s*
I: - Where I got the "This body will be a corpse" t-shirt
J: - invisible visitor's log finder
K: - KDKA local news - came up with K because the "KDKA" part hides in the browser. Weird
L: -  Guest book of friend who crossed the veil in October. *sigh*
M: - driving directions - I need them
N: - Another death this past Autumn, I got updates here near the end
O: - What a weird browser FF is - it picked up the "o" in comcast....
P: - My browsing has become exceedingly boring
Q: - uumm ... *yawn*
R: - Rite-Aid
S: - the church the Pagans invaded
U: - Really ...? C'mon!
V: ... no explanation needed, right?
W: - now an error page. LOVE the government!
X: - Christian privilege checklist
Z: - dead page from funeral flowers order

Nothing awful came up. ~whew~


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