April 18th, 2010


Color immersion weeks

I just realized I didn't finish my updates --- GREEN was the final week! 

Green was the final week and it was lovely. It was an usually warm week for this area and leaf buds popped out, grass grew and daffodil leaves rose higher. Green was always calming and serene for me, since early childhood. It was the promise of Spring and the summer to come, but still low key and languishing before the frenzied busts of growth that accompany late Spring and early Summer energy. Green leads me into that energy at a lovely pace. Once I hit summer I hit the colors and the wild energy everywhere except in the deep woods where I could always find my low key green.

I used to go into the woods as a child, almost daily in the summer to find that peace to start my day. I do miss my woods. Luckily I've learned how to call up that solace with simply the color. This color week was refreshing and nostalgic, peaceful and full.

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OK Universe - I get it! Now fuck off.

(Or give me my tools, damnit!)

From the conversation and the trance work a couple weeks ago with Pandora to the fun fun fun of today. The trance with a surprise inside! Just like Cracker Jacks! *ignore ignore ignore, watch me ignore the implications for 2 whole weeks* That trance was the one with the reappearance of the old Chinese gentleman in it. The he/me. I scoffed. *smack went the Universe*

So things percolated somewhat in the back of mind. I was easing into the next set of tasks. Really easy, like you almost couldn't see me move. ~sigh~

So today at LifeCraft (our CUUPs once per month class at the local UU church) was about divination. I want to learn to use my tarot cards. (Or, I say I do until I get distracted by the pretty colors.) I have a number of decks. One deck a friend and I both purchased at Pagan Pride in 2008. I love the imagery. I've pulled it out *counts on one hand* times since the purchase. This sounds bad, except I still have some decks in their original plastic wrap from the store so this is progress. It is the "Circle of Life" deck and it is round. That is the one I took with me to class today. Recently I've used my Goddess pack with images by by Susan Seddon Boulet which is not a tarot deck, but I'm counting it anyway since it has at least received some use. But I still took the Circle deck to class. It is round and pretty and I thought folks might like to see a round deck.

I passed around my deck. When mine came back to me a different card was on top.
The Magician card. See him? See the old Chinese guy? Feels *smack* number two.

(My teacher is laughing now. I can hear her in my head.)

So later today I go on Facebook to reply to a message. Long ass reply. After hitting "send" I decide to read a bit of my news feed page there. *refresh* Top of my page a one sentence post from long time online friend Yemaia. It reads: 
"The most common form of despair is not being who you are. - Kirkegaard". I am way too slow to duck out of the way of *smack* number three.

So, Universe? You can either help me or bugger off right now, you bastard.

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