August 30th, 2009


Gratitude Project

I am grateful for my kids' perseverance and patience while starting their business. Lots of aggravation, looking, working numbers, bidding and stalemates and they finally got to close on their first two apartment buildings, plus a converted house. W00t!! S&L Apartments is officially in business!

I went over and saw the one that has 2 buildings and 15 units. Nice location, solid walls, good foundation, wooded but close to town. Decent closets and a nice view and almost all of the apartments have some sort of outdoor space. And sweet deal they got on the place, too!

My kids. So proud. *grin*


My son's tattoo

He researched the original family crest, the earliest one he could find, and had it tattooed on his back. He did this shortly after my nephew, his cousin, drowned in Lake Michigan. They were the two remaining Vromans on our side of the family that were still likely to carry on the family name.

This early crest is different than the one I grew up knowing as ours, but it is pretty, too, just less colorful. RIP Jonathan.