March 24th, 2009


Geez, no meaty post since January!

Life has been crazy busy. I've become addicted to making graphics for message board signatures and such and life online has been a bit limited. I signed up for Facebook thinking I could keep up a bit there and it is harder to keep track of than LJ.

I've become the major internet slacker since being online involves time I'm not at work (with majorly cut hours due to the economy) and time offline has been wrapped in (finally) getting the other house pinted (no, not done yet), buying rugs, drapes, etc. This house isn't sorted and packed. My mum's house got packed, but needs to be dug out and sorted and then repacked or there will be no room for us. :-/

I had packed near everything moveable about a year ago when carpeting was ripped up and the floors cleaned and it never went back because the rooms need painted. Why do it over and over, right? With the youngest graduating in June and thus us moving then it suddenly went from "you have plenty of time" to "oh shit!!" LOL Damn.

So, the dining room is painted. The living room is almost done along with the entryway. The yoga/exercise room, just needs the trim and ceiling. Kitchen, family room, master and bath need done and the rest can wait until we move. I smell paint in my sleep! When I am over there, this house falls to shit, too. I thought it would be easier painting before we got there and in some ways it is, but other ways it is harder because you have to plan to go and get in the car, and wait for coats to dry, and with my older son living there - well, he lives like a typical 23 y/o who doesn't "have time to clean". Ugh!

My daughter told me sternly a couple of months ago that I must make myself ignore the mess or the house will never be ready. She was correct because every time I went over I would "clean first" and by the time I finished I was left with little time to actually do anything.

Some paint in place needs to be scraped and joint compound applied (wallboard) and DH said he can't do it. My son does beautiful work, but has little time (see above) so I tried my hand it on a wall. I did a very nice job. Pity. DH gave high praise which sounds all well and good, but I know the truth - that high praise means it is my job for the rest of my life! Gah!! lol

My one cat, Charity, had to be put down on Feb 13th. She became acutely ill with hyperthyroidism a couple of weeks prior and vet visits and vet hospital stays were all for naught. I thought she was rallying a week before (Penda and Doug tried to gently inform me she was not and I heard them, but my heart was breaking so I kept hope alive). She was rallying just long enough to say good-bye. So sad. I cried and was depressed for almost 2 weeks. I still feel the pang of missing her. My other cat, Ringo, spent the first month looking for her and being angry at me. I suppose since I was the one who took her away and she didn't come was the reason for that. He has only just started to act more himself the last 2 weeks.

I can't say when I'll update again because the busy is not going away for awhile, so ...sorry.