December 30th, 2008


Good day, good day! The boy's biopsy results

No pre-cancerous changes in the duodenum or stomach (as we'd seen in times past). Not so good news is the esophagistis in his esophagus, but since it was so visible on the scope no surprise and thus the back to double the adult dose of Prevacid as was expected. Any of you out there who need Prevacid and pay out the ass for it or can't afford it at all, the patent should be running out soon and a generic will be available.

Since we switched insurance companies it will have to denied and then approved since the dose is so high, but him being a kid it should be no problem. So w00t! And we can do mail order and only pay $50 for 180 caps and when it goes generic it should be much less.

There was a lab error with his bloodwork (I translate this to mean they lost or dropped the vials), but we're not redoing it right away since he just had the complete workup in June.

Hopefully once he's had the Prevacid in him for a couple of months he'll put on at least the 6 pounds he lost recently and maybe some more to get him back up to a decent percentile.

And he appears to have learned his lesson en ré the necessity of his meds which is a good thing and still in some ways sad since he is just 17 and his memory doesn't go back to before age 3 to remember not being on meds. BUT - all in all - good news day. I saw the worry leave his body after I told him the results. :-)