September 25th, 2008

Jet made this

You know how they tell you not to post drunk?

Well, here it is. wine dinner tonight on a near empty stomach. Equals holy FUCK I have to work tomorrow. I'd give ya the details, but um ... I am too drunk. :P~

Went to help my son buy a truck today, co-signer died years ago and you are now a "co-buyer". I adjusted to that shock 6 years ago with my daughter. Now = co-buyer And you have to sign the title, too. Open for lawsuits is all I could think. That boy is lucky I love him so much.

Ok, coherency is fruitless tonight. If you ask questions I may be able to answer after work. Otherwise, this sadly is my post.

Oh ... the point of the truck buying revelation - no food until a side salad from Wendy's at 4 o'clock. So wine dinner? Food was awesome again, wine hit me like continuous shots of Yeager. Egads my tolerance has dropped!

Only had about 7 glasses of wine. *cough* I am told 2 and I'm tipsy and 3 and I'm drunk.

*ignores spellcheck*