August 21st, 2008


Gratitude Project 2008

Sooooo ... grateful for the apparent abundance of patience I have with customer service people. My cable/internet provider credited my payment not to the account of the house I pay pills for, but to the account of the house my husband pays bills for. Never mind that my payments are all online through my bank and his are always paper check. Never mind that the ONLY account number for this bill that comes from the online banking is the correct one.  We do not even pay the two different house bills from the same bank! Why, you ask? Well, to avoid CONFUSION, of course! See how well that worked?

Never mind that THEY made the error even though the account number is clearly TYPED on the check. Never mind that their office hours conflict with my work hours and it must be handled in person. Great .....

Because of continual threats that my job location will close when the mall is sold and deep cuts in payroll I decided to pay a bunch of the utilities in advance at the other house so if worse comes to worst I do not have the maintenance of that house hanging over my head. The other utilities had no problem . GGrrrr ...

Oh wait. This is to be gratitude. I am grateful I didn't cuss out the poor rep for someone else's error. Though I did give her a story that should last her for awhile. What idiot pays a bill 12 months in advance only to have it credited to the wrong account? Hell - what idiot pays a utility bill 12 months in advance?? ~waves~